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ALICE Fiction

ALICE Fiction

ALICE Fiction

Csotka F


the art is great.
the music is great.
the story is alright.

ganeplay is nothing too fancy but its not bad either.
waifus are okay, i haven't really found 1 i really liked.

not the best gacha rates imo. and it shoves a lot of paid packs in your face every chance it gets. like some desperate cheap knockoff game even tho its actually a big budget game.

its a fine game. definitely gonna live long but I'm only gonna be here until some other things that I'm interested in come out.

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Alice Fiction Gameplay: https://youtu.be/PM3N--HLvAA



Ещё одна клише гача... Из плюсов выделяется только боёвка, стиль и музыка

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