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Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost

Swordz Anderson


A game I would have never knew of had my friend not play it during our dinner out. A true gem and sign of relief to the trend of mobile gaming nowadays. The gameplay is like no other gacha I've played, which can be challenging at times, but that just adds to the fun. Auto function helps big time for games this grindy, and freebies just keep on coming. You could f2p and still climb to be one of the top contenders in the game. Also, I've never in my life seen a gacha game have a main storyline with not 1, not 2, but EACH AND EVERY CHAPTER in the game fully dubbed, not to mention top-notch quality, too, along with soundtracks that should and does belong to an album(Love you, DAOKO). The game also has a cute interface that is simplistic and efficient so that you can access different functions without much hassle. Each character feels unique as well: It ain't just a bunch of copy-paste characters. The main protagonist of gacha games are usually just hot-headed wannabes of Naruto and the such like, but Euden is Euden with his own resolve and reason to help others, while not being illogically kind to nonsensical bastards like Emile. The other characters(even those with undubbed stories) have their own sparkling charm. Even the artwork and models make me think the developers and designers are outdoing themselves(Note that down, Naoki Saito), spectacular artwork, indeed. And again(which I feel I haven't stressed enough on), who doesn't like freebies?
No? Well, good, because this game is chock full with freebies.

Fair game, splendid gameplay, great plot, quality dubs, wonderful BGMs, simplistic controls, beautiful graphics, man, I feel like I should get sponsored for giving such a high praise.

But this game? Deserves exactly this much.

Oh, this was made by both Cygames and Nintendo, if you were wondering.

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I don't know why everyone talking about gacha being bad as this game not really have to get the gacha item to be enjoyed. I mean you play the game to enjoy the game not pulling the gacha. A *3 character can even drag your sh*t to high lvl content with right tuning. As grindy as this game but it only when people rush their thing. I actually like how grindy this game while its not really grindy at all (see granblue with their never ending grind). It can be enjoyed forever. The story not really having it muse. But it decent for generic fantasy. I mean its only realesed and can't complain about story yet. As for gameplay i enjoyed it so far. With bug there and therw is to be expected with new game. Actually they responsive and try to fix it asap. For music its Daoko for you. up to everyones taste. The graphic is a mix for portrait character being nintendo and wyrmprind for cygames. I dont know why they saying the art suck for not being cygames, while the nintendo art itself good.



this game is pretty much the shit child of nintendo and cygames, it got the grindy as hell progression typical of cygames and the shitty service of nintendont coop is a must in this game if you want to progress like a normal person but the waiting time for your room to fill up is pretty ass. you can make a room while taking a shit and your toilet will fill up faster than your room and soloing to grind is not exatcly an option because the AI in this game have a similar intelligence to a rock, you probably will have a better winning chance playing with a 4 year old instead because the AI just keep killing themselves like jihad squad music is good indeed but only like 1 or 2 piece of them the rest are basically the same track with the same tune just with a different instrument or pacing all in all, play this game only if you have friends to play this with. at least you can share the pain together. or really just play something else.

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