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Tales of the Rays | Japanese

Tales of the Rays | Japanese

Tales of the Rays | Japanese

Hexire Kresnik


Been playing this since launch, good graphics, great story, standard Tales game play. Game is fast paced but still skill is needed. i have won fights i shouldnt have bc of skill and tactics.

Can make a character viable to play rather easy with the prism shop but wont be amazing without master artes or mirrors. Grade shop is one of 2 mercy systems at play when doing multipulls. Amazing system if you get repeats; if you max out a mirror and get it again youll get a currency that lets you random pull for a mirror or save up and you can pick which mirror you want.
Go into it with a plan of who you want and focus on 4-5 characters and slowly work your way up to getting others as you play.
Every character is viable and while every arte isnt it does come down to personal preferences and play style.

Events have just the right length (about 2 weeks), wish there was a 1 day downtime between each event/new story chapter, but its not too bad.

Have gone 3 events without getting something nice/new (thou i dont pull for every event as i dont care for every character), then get a ton of swag in the next event with free pulls (with the current event I got 2 master artes and 3 mirrors; 2 of the mirrors were for the same character and the other i had maxed already but still got 3 mirrors).
Some of the newer master artes and mirrors have a much lower drop rate, which is a bummer.
Whales are here and make you feel weak but there is no pvp so its more a feeling of being a kid with a stick vs someone with a sword.

No pvp, but there is weekend coop which is actually a lot of fun (its not every weekend but it doesnt need to be). You get to pick from a roster of characters then from those you get 2 at random and go in with 2 other players and you 3 have a timed arena battle and you get graded for how well you do. Wish more games did this.

Biggest drive (and how they get you to spend money is) to get the characters you like and become better at the tower and challenges instead of trying to be better then others/whales.

Not every new arte or mirror is game breaking, and some 3☆ items are better then some master artes; i still ha e 3 characters who use 3☆ items bc they are better. Same goes for crossover characters.

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Emanuel Del Angel


A perfect "Tales of" game on mobile!!![哇噻]

Sarah T


this game's fall will be its disgustingly long loading times... if you want the real tales of experience then this is reminiscent of tales of the abyss' Ps2 levels of loading times particularly the weapon enhancement screen is already pretty understandably hefty, but I experienced 10 second black screens just to upgrade something and that is really unacceptable. you have to visit this screen A LOT every new event, gacha you roll, team you prepare. it adds up to a lot of wasting time. spirit gear update is really bad imo. game runs painfully slower and it shows. I'd rather the devs take their time fixing the game then giving us more features bc I feel like every new feature is just adding to their problem. June edit: I understand that this is a very ambitious game to begin with, not to mention unprecedented. the latest producer's letter promised an update that hopes to better loading times. I really hope that a significant improvement is to come. I also look forward to tower update.

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