Twilight Blood : Romance Otome Game

Twilight Blood : Romance Otome Game

Twilight Blood : Romance Otome Game

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Played a couple episodes and honestly it makes me questions everything lol The mc acts like she will go to the moon and back for every AND I MEAN EVERY single ML that appeared on the screen like bruh i know it's just a game that supposed to make you feel not lonely lmao but seriously the way that the mc is portrayed as a girl who will go to other man despite having a serious relationship with the ml really leaves a bitter taste in the mouth She's also not consistent with whatever her feelings told her like I swear I've read that she didn't really like luc but somehow still fall head over heels for him whenever he kiss her like what AND SHE LIKES THE KISS TOO NANI While just yesterday she was making out with another ml saying she likes him too🗿 Again I know it's just a game this is just my honest opinion lol Thanks for making the game tho I really enjoy it



It's a good game but I have to wait a few hours to get a ticket to see the continuation of the's boring to wait

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