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トリカゴ スクラップマーチ 【ケモノ娘×廃墟探索RPG】



Very need English and do 2 gacha one only with weapons and another only maps, but not in the aggregate, as now! [可憐] If you correct these two points in the game you can spend more than one hour.[怪笑]

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Dante' Cotton


Great concept but this game just doesn't have enough meat to go with its potatoes... For those that play this for things other than their furries fetishes, you'll know what I mean.



i like this game a lot, the characters are nice, the art is good, and i do like the models...as well, every card seems to have a unique 2d animated skill cutscene, which are really well done! but it takes up waaay too much space if you select the full download (almost 3gb!) and the gameplay is kind of boring. the main and character stories are also not fully voiced, but all interaction stories (? idk what you'd call them, the sections where you pet the girls), home screen lines, ect are voiced. this isn't a turnoff for *everyone*, but it's worth noting nonetheless! if you want a better RPG with animal girls that doesn't take up an absurd amount of space for a mobage, wait for the kemono friends 3 game being made by SEGA or play alternative girls. this is still worth it tho, gonna keep playing on emulator (also, i had pretty bad connection issues the night i chose to download it, but by next morning it was fine. unsure if connection will still be spotty for those outside of japan)

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