Ensemble Stars!! Music | English

Ensemble Stars!! Music | English

Ensemble Stars!! Music | English



Haven't play JP nor other servers except EN so this might lean towards a biased review.

Well... homescreen buttons are a bit scattered everywhere IMO. Like the left side ones (news, gift box, friends) are lined up horizontally while on the other side (story, cards, society) are in vertical positions. Devs, please decide only one position lol.

The GUI can improve but idk if HapiEle will take that into consideration.

Most songs are catchy fr and it made me use one of their songs as my wake up alarm for the Joint Live lmao. The downside for catchy is the beatmaps kek.
(*pretends idk that certain Eden song* 🤡)

- Ahhh my biggest enemy, my phone's specs are decent yet still lags in 3D standard mode despite I don't have much heavy games except Twisted Wonderland, rip.

- I miss some notes because of my eyes' sensitivity with BG brightness even if both in-game and phone system's brightness are at the lowest. Have to switch cards in center if their art contains vibrant colors too. (ILY perm Hiiro but S+ combo is my goal)

- Bulk download for songs. THIS ONE PRETTY PLEASE. I regularly cleans storage to prevent unwanted lags because most games don't offer that feature. It is a hassle to download them manually. 😩

This is my greatest headache esp. when it comes to society. I mentally flipped a table out of frustration when the requirement for getting extra stamps in JLs (joint live) isn't clearly explained.

I think we would all agree devs planned to give only general, worst if vague, explanation of game mechanics to leave players in the dark so they'll make mistakes (and be salty about it). /hj

Also I checked the note speed before joining a team in JL but the notes approached me like a turtle that I had so much good if not missed notes. Feels like the custom speed only works in solo JLs but not in team.💀

4/5 overall. I already read some reviews since pre-reg about the game being hells and it isn't really a joke lmfao.
- all events are hell for me; 5★ welfare card placed at 3.5m
- HARD pity (harder than Disney and Themis' but all three still fckn hurt me so bad)
- scary fans (saw someone at 700k points already in less than 30mins the event had started 🤣)
- some translations are weird to read... [汗顏]
- do the devs thought adding another '0' in the cost of gacha makes players to save?
(35 in JP = 350 in other servers 🤡)

I am NOT YET OVER in being salty to the Dash Missions!!! [發火]🤬[發火]
The pulls made prior reaching the last stage for each phase DID NOT count in! Like why??? It IS unfair!
The refund I got wasn't even half of what I wasted.

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I'm in pain. Ibara beat me up and locked me in the basement. Dance in the apocalypse's chereography flashes before my eyes every time I try to sleep. I haven't slept in days I cannot they keep moving this way why do they move this way who made this choreography. I can hear Ibara saying "Attack! Invade! Conquer!" constantly and I'm scared for my life. It's been months. Natsume is fortnite dancing on my sanity pls help himeru keeps spitting cola on me




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