Jan Agpaoa


Anyone having problems with their EXR voiced stories loading? I can't seem to load Shion's EXR story :(

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Sherrice jackson


Download takes like 15min at most and the game's size is 412mb. I'm not sure where to even start with this game. The art and voices are pretty damn great and the story is good but the gameplay is just boring. I'm glad it's not a rhythm game but I'm not sure that this game will last. It's the type of game where you roll a dice and go around a map. If you interact with someone else on the map you go into a VS mode. If you land on a live mode you do a quick live show. In both versions you are looking at chibi forms. Gacha rate is as follows: Single: EXR 2.997% (honestly just make it 3% like wtf) SSR 5.98% SR 18% R 72.96% 10 roll EXR 2.997% SSR 8.993% SR 87.984% You get to reroll the initial 10 roll before actually playing the game and they give enough to do one more 10roll plus enough left over that you can gather another 800 or so crystals roll once again. I'll keep playing just because of the CVs and the art but just be aware that the game might not last that long. edit: and now the game is shutting down. took them long enough. probably wanted to milk people for as much money as possible.



I'm a fan of Lucifer and I loved the anime back in the 90s, so seeing this game that has Sakuya, Yukifumi and Atsuro's kids made me feel kinda old... LOL. I was expecting this game to be a rhythm game coz it has bands and an idol group in it... Turns out, you play it like a board game. I find it unique tbh, but that's just me. Anyway, the game is okay - graphics and music are great, the dudes are hot, main story is so-so, and it has a great seiyuu line-up. Gacha rates is so-so as well, 3% I think? Same as other gacha games. I'm also happy that you can reroll your initial pull... I can't tell you how long I rerolled just so I can get Shion's EXR 😁.

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