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#Me: 3D Avatar, Meet & Play

#Me: 3D Avatar, Meet & Play

#Me: 3D Avatar, Meet & Play

Thaao Hanshew


This game is a blast if you like grinding while socializing. I have met great friends and the server is so warm and inviting. I am addicted to the grind and love paricipating in events.

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The concept is unique, this is the only one i know so far. Everything is interesting so far. But it's kinda hard to get into because of the optimization. It's downright bad. Everything is laggy, error and bug everywhere. I don't even know if they did a couple of CBTs before. From the looks of it, even if they did the CBT they're not fixing much. I dare to say this because my phone can run most "high-graphic" games. e.g. Genshin Impact, Punishing Gray Raven, Honkai Impact 3, Black Desert Online Mobile, PUBGM, Super Mecha Champion, etc. and in high graphic setting as well. For temporary review only, i love the concept, but not the in-game experience itself. For now at least, they should step up the optimization. For the rating in QooApp, the gameplay itself isn't that bad. For early release, the contents in the game are good enough. May play this game for the long run if they improve the optimization. Don't be blinded by the overall review.



The game is good, fresh, unique idea. Deserves better recognition. [開心] People keep whining (i saw a lot, especially in official discord) about crash, lag, boring gameplay, no customization, etc. Here some fact slap: *TL;DR available at the end of this wall of text -The game crash, lag, overheating Maybe get a better/newer phone? Im playing since first day and have no crash/lag, just my phone overheat. And it's normal, even "a popular open-world which look-alike BoTW with gacha, made by game company in china" tooks me several day of playing before overheating issue on my phone solved. So why not give not so-big company (Clover games or something? idk, rarely heard this game company name) a chance like several week to completely solve the issues -The gameplay is boring, can be auto The auto is optional tho, what's the matter? You can try to do everything by yourself, not aided. This game makes you to be internet socialite, like doing a lot of activities and sharing it, make friends, follow fashion trends, etc. So far, many things to do. This game is not all about "slaughtering every barbarians you found along the way in open-world" or "enter dungeon and gacha for artifact (logically (if u sane), this one more boring) repeatedly", it's more like be social and be trendy try to be most-liked -No customization, or just a little customization Bro u want fully detailed customization? Like eye size, cheeks size, eye span, nose length, etc? Then get ready to spare 6 GB+ free space on your device dude. Dev trying to make social game and not take a lot of your device space (meant to play casually), and you want to make this like some full-graphic detailed MMORPG? What next after that coming? Whine about storage? Take a look at the "so called story-rich gacha game with a lot character (and a lot of rerun lol) that takes a lot of storage", can you fully customize the character? Fully change your skin no? -So expensive for a costume, what a cashgrab Bro, u never played social game with costumes 💀? like L**E Play? Mag***l Atelier? Or any? Try to compare it, you will notice in game currencies price will be similiar. Moreover in that games, even after purchasing currency for costume, you still need to gamble your luck in costume gacha. And take a look at this game, did you need to gamble your currency just for a costume you want? Or did you prefer "gacha for a character with no certainty, and jiggling melons everytime you walk"? -etc Keep whining, you disrespectful child. Or ask your beloved big-company to recycle (aka steal) idea from this game to gain profit. Meanwhile, i will stick to not so-big company that have originality in this idea. TL;DR "The game is good, graphics nice, gameplay fun, unique concept and have a nice atmosphere. The only issue exist is on technical, like overheating, can't run properly on certain device, etc. Give developer chance to optimize the game, it's not like they have big funds, they just a not so-big game company" *for value aspect, i will give 3 star for now. I value my phone more than the game tho. I will change it to 5 star if overheating issue solved

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