Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | English

Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | English

Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | English



Would you like to do a double suicide with me 💕 - Osamu Dazai

A friend recommended me this and honestly I'm happy to play it.

Unlike other games the SSR's rate pretty high like 3%

When you start you're guaranteed an SSR , log in gives an SSR ticket or when you're a returning player

Easy to get "moons" (equivalent of gems in gacha gems)

The storyline has been respected , everything is detailed , makes sense even side characters are SSRS too

Though there's not characters from S3 or the manga later on. The manga stopped at 48ish chapters out of 100+

Let's hope for more content soon!

In short this game is f2p friendly , a good way to kill time and you can be casual.

Events and Scout banner change frequently , there's always a lot to do.

Also unlock the event "Dead apple" as soon as you can it gives a free SSR it's in events>memories>dead apple (the first one)

Powering up characters is an hassle at first then once you manage to get one character UR it gets way easier.

Pro tip : healers are super important so build your srs that can heal you'll need them , try to get SSRS that can heal absolutely

I love the chibi cute style, never experimented any lag I hope this game will last forever legit I'm so hooked-

9.5/10 overall

I'm removing a 0.5 point because I would love they include s3 too but it's nearly perfect! (legit a detail I'm nitpicking on)

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rowen law


на самом деле, игра неплохая, учитывая, что донат тут особую роль не играет, но... мне нравится, что подобный жанр игр пытаются разнообразить. серьезно. за это тупо пресс ф ту пэй респект.

Youmi Hirosue


The thing I love most about this game is how detailed it was. The character's skills and gimmicks are true to the series and they did a good job summarizing the story, albeit some minor grammar mistakes. I left Jap ver when I was too busy with works (also for spending tons of stones and no Dead Apple Dazai) and now too lazy to catch up with new event, I decided to just play this ver instead. I kinda wish they have newly recorded voice lines but this is enough :'>

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