Last Cloudia | Global(English)

Last Cloudia | Global(English)

Last Cloudia | Global(English)



a surprise banner without absolutely no prior information on the last week of the event is absoulute garbage. Furthermore you can't uses the previous medal to summon the new character nor uses the ticket summon. I honestly had zero idea what they are doing.

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This is actually a solid game, amazing graphics and cinematic cutscenes, unique gameplay, and not P2W. Pros: - Amazing graphics, soundtracks and VAs - Unique growth system as you can decide what kind of role a character you get (ex. You can build the MC as a paladin or maybe mage, you can build the character you get from gacha as ranged or Tank) thanks to the Ark System - Unique combat system, kinda like SAO MD but with better presentation and UI Cons: - The unique growth system is somewhat of a con as well, since that means it'll be hard to grow a new character that you like that you just got from the gacha - Need gold, blue orbs and red orbs.. lots of it, so might be a bit grindy (though thankfully there's auto mode) - Story is...well decent I guess, it's not groundbreaking like AE, KR, E7 or MR. This ia just me though since I'm getting tired of this kinds of story (you'll get the idea after seeing the first parts of the story) Overall, it's an enjoyable game.

Godwin Patterson


Amazing game overall! The contrast between the 3D backround and the 2D units during battles makes this game both original and exciting. The character arts, as well as the ark arts were both done well. Real time battles make you feel apart of the game rather than just a puppet master. Also, if you look at some Arks for about 10 to 20 seconds you can see things like differences in color, new objects appearing or objects changing within the Ark and character arts. The gacha system is fair and the game does not make it too hard to get the crystals through gameplay rather than through purchase. The frequent updates and crossovers all change the game in terms of team compositions and what passives and magics you would want on your units. They add new units that make the game either easier or just help with bosses and may be used in future team compositions. The best thing about this game is how indepth the unit power up system is. Unlike some games, a unit's level doesn't dictate their overall power. Pasives, the skill trees, and buffs are what drive a units power. The use of souls to limit passives also make this game more of a challenge and add more to your workload and gives an agenda. Within that agenda, there is a system of collecting orbs to level up arks that also make this game a challenge. The only qualms I have is with seemingly generic story line that is out right now... however, it seems they plan on adding new parts to the story. This game is a 9.6/10 in my book!

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