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Heroes of Crown | English

Heroes of Crown | English

Heroes of Crown | English



core hero system sucks. they have the same level cap as regular 5 star heroes, but they have stronger stats and are harder to summon for just because the devs say so. there's no point in raising any non-core hero as they'll just become useless later (if you ever CAN manage to pull a core hero).

Also, the voice acting is very bad in a lot of places. like wtf is up with Daughter of the Sea? "wHy dId YoU lIe tO mE?!" I'm sorry but it sounds very poorly recorded and her voice is shrill and annoying. other characters like Heimdall or abyone with a deep voice sounds ridiculously generic, like you got Stan from down the street to record these lines after work. i get that an effort was probably made, but it just isn't good.

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Heros of crown เกมมือถือแนวตั้ง ออโต้เทรินเบสสุ่มอัพดาว อัพตัวละครเกมสายเติมได้เปรียบครับ ภาพสวยน่ารักดี ตอนนี้มีเปิดเซิฟเอเชียกับ เซิฟโกลบอล พลอยชมพูเป็นพรีเซนเตอร์ด้วย >,< เสียงเพลงประกอบฉากทำได้เข้ากันดี



Great to kill time and lots of summons. It's obviously pay to win, these kinds idol games always are and it's just what you have to expect going in. Still fun and looks good. Core hero system isn't amazing but in the end I don't feel too bothered by it.

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