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#Me: 3D Avatar, Meet & Play

#Me: 3D Avatar, Meet & Play

#Me: 3D Avatar, Meet & Play

Spades Hiroki (SpadesHiro)


Okay, a very short review:
- It tried to be everything but it doesn't do a great job at executing it
- optimization? nonexistent. it's terrible that you may as well cook a burnt sunny side-up with your phone
- customization is by far the most disappointing one I've seen, you don't get to truly customize your avatar the way you want.
- core gameplay is a generic "press this to advance to a quest with autopath" with a sprinkle of minigames. Yes, there's combat, but it's so barebone you don't feel the fun out of it.

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The concept is unique, this is the only one i know so far. Everything is interesting so far. But it's kinda hard to get into because of the optimization. It's downright bad. Everything is laggy, error and bug everywhere. I don't even know if they did a couple of CBTs before. From the looks of it, even if they did the CBT they're not fixing much. I dare to say this because my phone can run most "high-graphic" games. e.g. Genshin Impact, Punishing Gray Raven, Honkai Impact 3, Black Desert Online Mobile, PUBGM, Super Mecha Champion, etc. and in high graphic setting as well. For temporary review only, i love the concept, but not the in-game experience itself. For now at least, they should step up the optimization. For the rating in QooApp, the gameplay itself isn't that bad. For early release, the contents in the game are good enough. May play this game for the long run if they improve the optimization. Don't be blinded by the overall review.



#Me: 3D Avatar, Meet & Play Gameplay: https://youtu.be/BdwnarRdO4o

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