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Girls X Battle 2

Girls X Battle 2

Girls X Battle 2



The game is okay but the problem is the designs of the girls, some of them are half naked plus some of the girls look like if they were a child but actually is 3000 years old, (their is also a character that only has a towel as a costume) the gameplay is okay and fun it's not bad, I don't like the storyline of the game tho it's not very understanding, although the people who are usually on the English chat are quite mean, they will literally swear at anyone on there way (not all but theirs a lot) its still a good game nice graphics and I mean like I would recommend this game but to a person that likes anime girls :)

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донатная помойка для лошков. мне подходит



I wish the ad was more truthful. I saw some cute girls and sexy looking women, but didnt expect to find half naked girls. It promotes pedophilia considering all the girls are underage. 😕

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