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Perfect Grind

Perfect Grind

Perfect Grind



Another entry from Noodlecake Studio. As you can see from the picture, this is skateboard game.

The gameplay is quite simple yet challenging, you are doing all maneuver and tricks using swipe, hold and combination of both. How they introduce you to the game and how to play it also fun, they explained it briefly yet easy to grasp, then they give you challenge to do this and that. Not much story going on.

The graphic is quite simple too but it's interesting and fit the theme in general, it's skate mobile games with fun vibes. Mostly, I don't have any problem personally, but i think they can add a bunch of stuff and npc on map to make it more alive.

The last part is what annoy me personally, it's free to play but limited. If you not buying the full version, which is around 3 bucks, you will see an ads pop up and play the ads video out of nowhere, while you still playing or in the middle of doing tricks. This is kinda intrusive since it's happen quite regularly every few minutes. Also you only able to play 1 mission on career mode after tutorial if you doesn't buy the full version and only have free run mode besides career mode while the rest of content is locked.

Overall, I recommend you guys to play and buy full version of this game if you have spare pocket money, or at least try this game a bit, especially if you like skate game. Because it's actually a fun skate game despite what it looks like at a glance. It's perfect as a side games since it doesn't force you to constantly playing the game or log in everyday.
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