Dead by Daylight Mobile | Global

Dead by Daylight Mobile | Global

Dead by Daylight Mobile | Global

hartono sutrisno


TOTALLY GARBAGE GAME on mobile version. I see so many hackers everywhere I play, they have hacking speed, wallhacks and auto DC when you are about to win. Thats why it was very appaling when playing on higher rank.
Also, report system is TOTALLY IDIOT same like PC did, BOTS BOTS BOTS everytime I report it. Why they cant just throw some real CS instead of BOTS??? Sorry, this game failed hard even though so many players played it, controls are notoriusly bad since it lacks of adjustments, I am talking about how to set between walk, run, and crouch, but crouch system is so bad that the moment you set too high, it automatically goes sprint mode.

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Hansen Xiao


it will be fun if we can custom 5 player with friend include killer.. please do it.. im recommending to all my friend..

Altius Tio


Well it's good game only need a lil bit work on graph tho... No crappy storyline just download and play... And need daily mission with reward

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