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Need to say this first, if you get offended easily, stop reading this review right now.

Second, if you still going to read my review, I need to apologize first if my review end up offended you or any fans of this idol.

Gameplay is usual rhythm game, nothing new here. But this game difficulty is so easy in my opinion. It's more harder to not get perfect in this game compared to other rhythm games.

Music and sounds, honestly I don't know at all who they are. Personally, they just sounds like average singers at best and their music too. I'm quite picky about music and i like idols too, but this one is simply sounds average or sounds like some underground idols. So, I'm really sorry about this one if it ended up offending anyone who like it. It just a matter of personal taste.

Graphics, it feels outdated like a mobile games that released around 2017 or so. UI/UX also quite simple and nothing fancy, simply just feels like outdated games because the graphic quality also average at best. Even the illustration quality is kinda normal, even though personally speaking it's kinda weird on their overal proportion like body, head, how they took the angle, etc.

Story, it's your usual idol story troupe where you end up as a manager for idol agency. Then you need to guide your idol to become a top idol. I guess if you're a fans of idol games, you will know how it goes.

Gacha for the first time (not to be mistaken for tutorial gacha) is quite nice, they give you free 1 multi gacha with infinite chance to reroll and you can get more than 1 SSR. So you can aim for your favourite. SSR rate is 5%, although it looks high, when i rerolling on that first time gacha, it's really hard to get SSR. Maybe it's just my luck so I'm not gonna comment more on this. Also 1 multi here cost 3000 gems.

Overall the game is just feels like a simple rhythm game, albeit outdated it still feels quite nice to play. Personally speaking it just not my cup of tea. Maybe some of you here gonna like the game and this group of idol. I don't see any reason to not to try this game, especially if you like rhythm and idols. Just install it and try it, maybe you will end up like this game or not, just a matter of personal taste.

That's all stuff I want to cover and sorry again if I end up offending any fans of this idols. Thanks for reading till the end.

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舞歌ファンタジア Maika Fantasia Gameplay: https://youtu.be/MtvbaPis1r4



[EDIT] a Discord link of official fan server is included. Consider joining it in the first place! I was elated when this rhythm game project finally came into fruition. Let's admit that there are problems that cause the game to become unoptimized (e.g. unregistered hit notes). You must've realized this stuff aight? That precious full combo... [委屈] Hopefully the devs give improves the game and also give it quick fixes regarding the issues or else, new players will run away~ in fact, I don't want this to happen. Maifan still deserves a loving and genuine attention from people around the world. ☀️ P.S. since Maifan is a rebranded version of Dance Sparkle Girls Tournament, one of the devs is still active on Discord. There's a spreadsheet for English speaking players to report any kind of issue in the game. It's also translated in order to be sent to the Japanese devs and let them know, so worry not if you're not fluent in that language~ https://discord.gg/ACUQtXX5

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