The Irregular at Magic High School Reloaded Memory

The Irregular at Magic High School Reloaded Memory

The Irregular at Magic High School Reloaded Memory

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everything is Good
but why Gacha Animation using a scene from anime?
but overall i like this game [開心]

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魔法科高校の劣等生 リローデッド・メモリ The Irregular at Magic High School Reloaded Memory Gameplay:



Time for honest review that people might find it toxic. Stop reading if you can't handle a diss. But if you wanna know more, keep on reading. As much as i hate Square Enix, i should say this game is actually amazing. Amazingly shit bcs they just reskin To Aru Imaginary Fest. That alone should explain the gameplay and all other stuff if you already tried To Aru before. Let's be honest here, Square Enix being bad at handling their game is pretty much a well known fact. But to make things fair, i tried the game for several hours so i can confirm this reskin game and explain to you all who never tried To Aru before. Gameplay is nothing special, it just auto turn base gacha game. You can just tap auto and watch the battle play out themselves. But that's not all, they put new wonderful feature on it unlike on To Aru. It's wonderfully stupid and useless at the same time, they have auto progress stage on story mode. Yes, auto progress, just tap it and the game will start playing VN part of the story then continue to battle stage, auto play battle, finish it, then going on again on next stage, all by themselves. You can just hands off from the game and ditch it, and yet, it's still stupid bcs this feature gonna stop at some points like tutorial or changing chapter. So if you don't pay attention, you prob waste your time more bcs the game stopped auto play in the midde. Graphics is surprisingly good and smooth especially on good device, bcs there's barely any stuff to be animated. Especially on the enemies side, they just mostly become a ragdoll waiting their fate. Again, it's like reskinned To Aru, the UI/UX, how they just put no effort and slap colored square on chara and call it elemental properties, the ultimate animation and such. Gacha have 2 things that you need to gacha, battle unit and assist card, both in the same pool/1 pool. Unit is 3% rate and assist is 2%. Quite normal and not bad honestly, 1 multi gonna cost you 3000 gems and you get enough to do 1 multi pull from pre reg rewards. How bad the gacha is or not, expensive or not etc is back to your own opinion, so i'm not gonna say anything about it, bcs it's money value for each person. There's no noteable feature in this game, on shop you can buy chara or assist using shards or it's called coins here, which you can grind in games and from game event. It's quite a letdown probably if you're a huge fan of Mahouka yet already tried Imaginary Fest before. But if you are completely new and have no idea about that To Aru games, you may enjoy it quite a bit. At least till Square Enix mess up their game again. Overall games just feel like a quick cashgrab using popular title and just for statisfying their fandom. They may like it or not, it's back to each individual. Personally i still able to recommend people to try it, especially for those who like the series. But you better play it as a side games with low time investment. That's all from me, sorry not sorry if you get offended. Bcs this is how i review games, better than sugar coating all stuff and slap random 5* or 1*.

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