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Nowhere House

Nowhere House

Nowhere House

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It's probably because I have more experience with puzzle games, albeit, I did needed clues in certain puzzles, but I did managed to solve and see through the ending of the game.
So first off in the review will be:

Graphics. The artstyle was simplistic but it is enough to deliver the story, not to mention the animations, the comic book style of storytelling, down to the little spooks in the 1/3 parts of the game! It's perfect!
I also love the small switch of views and the designs of the objects in the game-- by utilizing the simplicity of the artstyle, they were able to bring out eye-catching designs on important objects.

The soundtracks fit the whimsical, thriller feel of the game, that you more or less feel on edge in the events of the game. I hate the jumpscare sfx because it does spook me at ominous parts or events of the game too. But because the sounds served its intended purpose, of course, it's a plus score.

So as for the gameplay-- the puzzles are supposed to be explored further in the game. They present lack of dialogue clues and more on the environmental observation in the game. If it weren't for my experience in puzzle games, I would've been stumped because of this game's difficulty. It requires you think outside the box and to utilize every little detail that catches the eye of the viewers and are present in the game environment.
You can also go ahead and watch ads for clues or watch playthroughs, but even so, you must still pay special attention to the details because the solutions are random. You have to try out every possible clues.

The storyline in the game is simple yet ominous, it comes with a clear background story, then vague patches of the recollection till you get to the reveal of the whole picture.

As for the ending, it's a vague ending, however I am gonna include my interpretation anyway. Adria, the character we are playing us has successfully escaped-- the fact that she sees it as an empty house that leads to nowhere makes me think that she has been released by the spell and can no longer be taken again. In the ending/epilogue in the game, we are playing as a different character, possibly encouraged by the story of Adria, and we are the ones who were lured instead and locked up-- because the house looks nothing like in the eyes of Adria and the character we're playing as.

Overall, it's a fun game that tests how inductive and deductive my solving skills are, but this is just my opinion and doesn't apply to everyone.

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Once again I am here after playing the other games from the same verse. I am not gonna drop a detailed review - others have done a perfect job. Rather, I will recommend you to go for this game because it does not lag or show too much ads. I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay.



Not horror, only jumpscare I like the story, plot twist at the end is easy to guest but still nice tho But there is one thing I don't like about the game is the way staff put too much stuff into there and don't ever bother to explain it

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