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Z/X Code OverBoost

Z/X Code OverBoost

Z/X Code OverBoost

hazel T


基本上迫你每次活動送的石都抽光,除非你不要ur道具,加上封ip, 不推薦入抗

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Dante Cotton


Lower my score from 2.6. New Score 1 for adding VPN after launch. Shit company The game suddenly requires VPN after being out for a few days. I have a premium VPN and still can't login so uninstalling this crap. Hope this game falls into the abyss where it belongs, right beside the company who made it. Glad I didn't waste any money in this game. This company is acting like this game is a AAA mobile title or something.



Cute and vibrant graphics, decent gameplay but just god awful server with absurbdly long loading times and constant disconnection. Wish they fix this soon.

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