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So, this review has some nostalgia mixed in. I'll point them out.

Short version: I recommend this game even for those who haven't played it before. Just play it for around
5-10 minutes and you'll know if it's good for you or not. The reason I recommend it, particularly for
those who've played "modern gacha games" is to give them an idea of what it's like back then, during the early years of gacha games. Otherwise, an Idle game is a better choice...

Before we get to the review, I just want to rant a bit...WHY IS SETH A FEMALE KNIGHT!? The Seth I know
was a bada** looking dark knight. Also, WHY DID I PULL 3 5* SETHS!? I WANT THE OTHERS! WHERE THEY AT!?

Ok, that's my rant. Also, if you notice some of the character's name are changed. Like Swordsman Dawn
is now called Akayuki (or Akatsuki?). That's because the name, I think, is taken from Shinnazuki.
A SRPG spinoff using Bloodline's characters. This could also be the reason why Seth is female, the Seth
in that game is female. Shinnazuki is actually a solid game. Too bad it shut down, not enough players
I guess....I blame not enough marketing. Well, let's move on to the review.

[Review prologue, you can skip this one]
Aaah Bloodline. This reminds me of the good ol' day. Back then we had Brave Frontier and Summoners Wars on the frontline. Then comes Soccer Spirit, storming the market with it's amazing anime style characters and engaging gameplay, and of course Bloodline, introducing the "quick pickup and play gacha game" to the table.

Then King's Raid came, bringing amazing story and graphics to the market. Closed by Sword Art Online Memory Defrag with it's intuitive one touch control pushing your skill to the limit, and Seven Knights, bringing a fresh new concept to the table. This ends the era, and opens up the modern gacha games era. Honkai Impact opens it with it's astounding 3D anime style graphics, smooth gameplay, and amazing story.
Then Epic Seven came, with it's one of a kind game engine bringing little to no loading time, and amazing
anime cutscenes and characters as well as engaging story. Which paved the way for many amazing games like Magia Record, Counterside, Azur Lane (with it's collab power) and of course Guardian Tales. This is my take on the gacha game timeline.

Well enough about that, let's talk about the game itself.

Pros (Nostalgia Mixed In):
+ Open the game and listen to the lobby music....aaah, that music, so heroic~
+ Graphics are updated, crystal clear now
+ Good story, they tweaked it. But oh bad bad opening story (tutorial story).
+ Most of the game's system are the same, easy to navigate through
+ Arena skip battle

Pros (No Nostalgia):
+ A good pick up and play game. Quick loading, blitz function, skip arena battle, the works~
+ Attractive 2D character designs
+ Amazing lobby music

/ Lobby UI is updated. Although there's live2d now...they're lifeless. I usually put live2d as positive, but this one is just...bad. No voiceline whatsoever. I'm guessing Crunchyroll doesn't want to go all in yet. I can understand, it is risky bringing this game back. The 5 characters displayed back then looks much better though. The buttons are also much better back then

Cons (Nostalgia Mixed In):
- No Claim all button, good luck tapping on each of the missions/achievements one by one~
- Three starring the stages doesn't give gems
- Gems are very hard to earn, as far as I see now. Back then it wasn't that hard. The reward for completing an act is quite good.
- Although the story is good, well maybe decent, the game is severely lacking stories. Like, there's really not much. They cut out a lot. Believe me, there's a lot of story back then, and they're actually a decent read, a good gacha story at the time

Cons (No Nostalgia):
- Gameplay is outdated. Takes a really really long time to get to the "good part" aka endgame skills aka fate system and job system.
- Takes a lot of time to grow characters
- Pretty much hands off. It's an auto game. No reason for manual gameplay.
- Although there are several added "affinity" features, like giving gifts, placing favorite character as
lobby (main screen) character, they're meaningless. No voices, meh dialogues, meh affinity rewards

Overall. It's a very good game for those who wants a trip down the lane. For new players, give it a try
and feel the type of game we veterans had back then.
Like I said before, it only takes 5-10 minutes for this game to either convince you to stick around, or
uninstall. It's just that, with it's hands of gameplay, your probably better off finding an idle game. Also I expect it'll get another collab, probably a Priconne collab to give it a boost.
Well, that's my review. Thanks for reading~

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Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire Gameplay:



Esta entrega inició con una importante colaboración, algo que captó la atención del público [哇噻]. Su gameplay se basa en combates por turnos, algo que es de mi interés. Además, su carismático apartado visual con diseño pixel-art me agrada. Cabe mencionar que su drop rate es considerable. A mi parecer el presente título vale la pena probar, sobre todo si las características mencionadas anteriormente son de interés. Primeros minutos:

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