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SOUND SHOOTING!! - Rhythm Action & 2D Shooter



на любителя, но мне максимально зашло. геймплей- смесь простенького шутера с элементами ритмухи. крутейшая музыка, графон атмосферный... короче, перфект таймкиллер)))

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I was wondering why melody's voice was pretty familiar to me, to think that the voice actor was the real Goddess Nanahira herself. Boy, i feel blessed. that aside... The game's concept is pretty interesting, side-scrolling shooter mixed with rhythm, and there are lots of songs. The difficulty is also challenging too. For those who wonders about how the shooting mode is, it's similar to a bullet hell game, with more or less difficulty. And also..there are some problems, of course. The beat timing on rhythm mode still feels pretty fast, even though with -4 delay, and the note tap response is kinda slow. Wish the devs could fix this ASAP. Overall, it's a pretty fun game.



game is interesting, rhyrhm game and shooting. was quickly realized that thhe voice actor is nanahira for melody you can lower the sound volume is you hate the high pitch sound, but overall the game itself is pretty fun.

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