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Sanrio Miracle Match

Sanrio Miracle Match

Sanrio Miracle Match

Thaao Hanshew


The game is very fun but the servers are awful, whenever you are matched with a real player, the lag and connection problem is so bad you can hardly even move around. When you get lucky and match with a good connection it is great, or if you get paired up with a bot it is fine too of course.

It is not that hard to play as Hunter, though the game does favor Challenger slightly. But I think people complaining about game balance are exaggerating a bit.

After a while the game gets a little stale as there is only one map (or possibly 2 or 3 that all use the same aesthetic) and it is 1v1 so theres no exciting team gameplay. But it seems they will add more maps later.

Some rare characters have good abilities but some do not, and some common characters have good abilities too. It is not P2W as you can win with your favorites.

The game is extremely stingy with jewels outside of the 2000 they gave for the game basically being unplayable for the first two days after launch. It is rare you will earn more than 10 or 20 jewels after playing for a long time, and a 10 pull costs 1500. If you want to buy those jewels it will cost you 3000 yen.

Overall those are my main complaints with the game to warn players what they might not like. But overall I am really enjoying the game. I expect it to only get better from here on out. As they add maps and fix the connection issues the game will surely thrive in the future. Even if it is a bit of a rough start.

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ミラクルマッチ Sanrio Miracle Match Gameplay: https://youtu.be/r1pzm9yrIuE



[ ! ] A really important edit I want to make [ ! ] The game no longer allows me to see anything while in a round, the time freezes and the map is totally all weird. In the home page where you do all of the customization works prrfect but the actual playing part is completely broken!! I'll be keeping my previous review up in case anybode wants to know what it was like before but for now, this is what's currently going on (for me at least!) ——————————————————————————————————— 【☆】You should expect lag and server connection issues because this game is made for Japan server of course, don't be too disappointed if theres some lag spikes here and there.【☆】 The game is cute and has a simple goal: The Hunters catch the Challengers and the Challengers help free each other. Each character you pick has different abilities like running, X-Ray vision, etc. You also have the option to change your character's outfit with in-game currency. The thing about the currency is that its kind of difficult to get the gems. The gems aren't the only currency though!! Gems are used for gacha and accessories. Although you get 2000 when you first play, you're going to have to be patient and hardworking if you wish for more. [睡覺][睡覺][睡覺] It's pretty hard to win as Hunters though and it seems like the Challengers are always going to be winning. Kind of unfair.. I hope they expand the amount of Hunters in the future or at least change the catch goal. [發困][發困][發困][發困] There's only maybe like 3 maps to play from as of right now, I hope they add more in future updates [委屈]

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