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The short version is:
If you haven't played Epic Seven, I recommend playing that instead. If you have played Epic Seven, I recommend giving this game a try (because I have a feeling that players who got bored/burnout of Epic Seven kept an eye on this game).

Now on to the game. I always focus on the story first, and I have to say the story is actually quite good. Considering the publisher is the same as Girl Cafe Gun, which also has good story, it is to be expected. However I do find it annoying on the way it spells our nickname. They don't add space, like if your nickname is Meh, then the game will show it as MehCommander. I'd like it if it's Commander Meh. Well anyway, here are my pros and cons:

+ Good, engaging story. Storytelling is a bit like Blue Archive. That is, the game clearly shows which stages has story and which do not. Some of the characters are memorable.
+ Has Live2D interactive lobby....but not dynamic. Not even a movement, like Counterside has. But having live2d is always a plus for me, regardless... unless it's really bad
+ Unlimited tutorial reroll. Check drop rate for list of 5* characters. The one on the banner only shows 3 characters. Follow meta? No No No. Follow your heart? Yes Yes Yes
+ Sound effects are amazing, put your headphones on, or just play it with speaker, like the good ol' days
+ Able to skip skill animations, unlike Epic Seven
+ Smooth transition between screens, just a bit lower than Epic Seven's, which is actually quite good

/ Chibi models. This isn't everyone's cup of tea. I'd prefer if they go full chibi instead, like Blue Archive or SD Gundam. This doll like form isn't that good for me..... reminds me of Sinoalice....
/ Texts are hard to read, takes a lot of time to get used to. Far from how Epic Seven presents it's UI. You can be the judge on this one. For me, Epic Seven's gear attributes and skill descriptions are much easier to read. Even Seven Knights are better at this particular point.
/ The story, although good, takes too long. Coupled with the font choice, it can be tiring. I myself love reading through Flame Chasers story in Honkai, and I don't feel tired. But this, the font choice, I think could be better. Girl Cafe Gun has better text, more enjoyable to read.
/ There is an option to do farming while the game is closed....but honestly at this point, why? Should've been just skip mode like Counterside and Guardian Tales. Maybe they'll add it later, after the game achieved "high number of daily active player"

- There really isn't much cons. Honestly the neutral parts are borderline cons, but they're just right that I don't put them in cons. If I had to put one in here, it's the texts/font choice

This is new. So one thing to keep an eye out is the collab, which hopefully global also gets it. Collab with Atelier Ryza. That was unexpected really, but it's there.

Overall, it's a solid side game for those who've played a lot of gacha games and have now free slot/time for a new side game. I say that like I recommend this for "veteran" gacha players, because I am. There's a lot of gacha games out there that I recommend playing first. Counterside, Priconne, Pokemon Masters, Honkai, Epic Seven, Guardian Tales, Blue Archive, and many more. But, if you like the aesthetic of this game, then give it a go. Like I said, it's a solid side game. Most of the hype I feel is from how this game "fixes" Epic Seven's "cons", like the gear system. Like, transferring substats is great, but it's not new, ex. SAO Integral Factor have this feature. Well that's my review. Thanks for reading. Hope it helps.

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Artery Gear: Fusion Gameplay English: https://youtu.be/32vw_D5aMyc



Annnddd... I'm here again. [開心] Let's get the things that what I think is not good on this game first. AI Combat. Introducing the AI Combat! Finished a stage and want to farm but don't wanna tap all the time? Well, you're in luck as we have the AI Combat feature! Real neat! First, select a stage that you have already finished, tap battle, and instead of tapping battle again, tap AI Combat, set how many times you want your characters to combat and then proceed! Now watch as your characters combat the same stage multiple times. Noticed what's weird? No? It's this --> (Now watch as your characters combat the same stage multiple times) What?! I have to watch the same result all the time?! Jeez! I know I have watched Haruhi's Endless Eight like 4 times but don't do this to me on a game! [大哭] Maybe it would be shortened if my characters are a lot more stronger or something but do they really need to do it like that? It takes at least around 4 episodes of anime and 8 dumplings just to wait for it to finish 30 times! It's a lot of time and battery wasted! And get this, if you decide to like tab out of it and open a browser since it's on "low power mode" when in AI Combat anyway, IT WILL DISCONNECT FROM THEIR SERVERS. [發火] Well, no worries, I'll play this on my other phone then. There problem solved. But how about the other players? This thing really is a pickle. 🥒 So what should be a good solution to this? I'll say maybe implement skip tickets. Like on priconne. Skip tickets that you can receive from expired gacha counts or missions and stuff. That should be nice. Or maybe AI Combat will consume a bit more stamina but you won't have to wait for a long time. Or AI Combat will be just a timed feature just like dispatch but you probably won't be able to use your characters on other stages. That way you can do other things or close the game and just come back once done! Saves time, saves battery, saves electricity. Man... This is really long now and it's all just a rant. [開心] Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the game. It's just that it feels like that AI Combat haven't been thought thoroughly. Other aspects of the game feels really nice. The animation is awesome and flashy, the character designs are likable albeit some feels like drawn lazily, and the music if you turn down the sound effects really are good! Too bad the game is muted on that AI Combat. If you're gonna wait, might as well just retain that bg music right? I think Artery Gear can become successful. It has something going for it. And despite that tedious AI Combat? I just kept on playing. Also, I can say that if you're into turned based games with anime flair on it? Try this. [厲害]

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