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Artery Gear: Fusion | Global

Artery Gear: Fusion | Global

Artery Gear: Fusion | Global

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Artery Gear: Fusion Gameplay English: https://youtu.be/32vw_D5aMyc

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Annnddd... I'm here again. [開心] Let's get the things that what I think is not good on this game first. AI Combat. Introducing the AI Combat! Finished a stage and want to farm but don't wanna tap all the time? Well, you're in luck as we have the AI Combat feature! Real neat! First, select a stage that you have already finished, tap battle, and instead of tapping battle again, tap AI Combat, set how many times you want your characters to combat and then proceed! Now watch as your characters combat the same stage multiple times. Noticed what's weird? No? It's this --> (Now watch as your characters combat the same stage multiple times) What?! I have to watch the same result all the time?! Jeez! I know I have watched Haruhi's Endless Eight like 4 times but don't do this to me on a game! [大哭] Maybe it would be shortened if my characters are a lot more stronger or something but do they really need to do it like that? It takes at least around 4 episodes of anime and 8 dumplings just to wait for it to finish 30 times! It's a lot of time and battery wasted! And get this, if you decide to like tab out of it and open a browser since it's on "low power mode" when in AI Combat anyway, IT WILL DISCONNECT FROM THEIR SERVERS. [發火] Well, no worries, I'll play this on my other phone then. There problem solved. But how about the other players? This thing really is a pickle. 🥒 So what should be a good solution to this? I'll say maybe implement skip tickets. Like on priconne. Skip tickets that you can receive from expired gacha counts or missions and stuff. That should be nice. Or maybe AI Combat will consume a bit more stamina but you won't have to wait for a long time. Or AI Combat will be just a timed feature just like dispatch but you probably won't be able to use your characters on other stages. That way you can do other things or close the game and just come back once done! Saves time, saves battery, saves electricity. Man... This is really long now and it's all just a rant. [開心] Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the game. It's just that it feels like that AI Combat haven't been thought thoroughly. Other aspects of the game feels really nice. The animation is awesome and flashy, the character designs are likable albeit some feels like drawn lazily, and the music if you turn down the sound effects really are good! Too bad the game is muted on that AI Combat. If you're gonna wait, might as well just retain that bg music right? I think Artery Gear can become successful. It has something going for it. And despite that tedious AI Combat? I just kept on playing. Also, I can say that if you're into turned based games with anime flair on it? Try this. [厲害]

Omino Catto


Es un buen juego, me recuerda bastante a E7 aunque aquí te saltas el paso de la forja al buscar equipo y que su jugabilidad es más rápida. Ahora sí. Gráficos: son buenos, muy buenos, a la altura de AL y muy pocos llegan allí. Al ser un waifu collector se espera que hayan diseños llamativos y detallados, y así es. Aunque no esperaba que algunos personajes usarán poca ropa/armadura, de todas formas se agradece los buenos diseños. Sonido: está bien, no destaca mucho pero no sé queda atrás y algunos son muy pegajosos. Realmente puedes pasar un buen rato solo escuchando el bgm en el lobby. Gameplay: como dije, es tipo E7 pero más rápido. Honestamente se aprecia que hayan incluído un modo offline por que si da pereza estar esperando a que termine todo para jugar otro juego. Escenario: ya vieron el 3d mamadísimo que se mandaron los devs? A lo sumo he visto superposiciones de 2d pero no escenarios 3d con pjs 2d. Me gusta la idea y se le puede sacar mucho provecho en futuro. Respecto al entorno de los escenarios, son buenos muy buenos. acordé a la historia y detallados. agradecido con los devs. Valor: tiene similitudes con E7 en su jugabilidad pero respecto al resto no. realmente es ideal el offline para los que juegan más de un gacha y se agradece por mucho. Cómo recién es el inicio habrá que esperar a ver qué más puede ofrecer. Historia: no c la, eskipee para subir de nivel a los AGs. xd

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