Catastrophe Restaurant | Japanese

Catastrophe Restaurant | Japanese

Catastrophe Restaurant | Japanese



Maaaaaaaaaan, this game sure is giving me mixed feelings.

But in a good way. It just kind of like gives me nostalgia from other games that I've played.

So, I don't speak Japanese nor do I know how to read it but what made me attracted to this game is the pixel graphics and the horror-ish look of the place, plus the aliens.

I am a sucker for pixel games, horror-pixel games(this is not a horror game though), and I love me some aliens! And this game has all three which made me install it even though I can't speak or read Japanese.


As far as a I can understand, based on watching and using my eyes and my brain to make an inference, I have deduced that you are a girl, who has a living dumpling on her head and you are manning a restaurant.

Apparently, people here are S T A R V I N G and never knew good food even if it hits them in the face. And thus starts your journey as a restaurant owner.


Graphics. 10/10.
Despite being a pixel game, it has 👌👌👌 graphics! Lovely! C'est magnifique(no, I no nothing of French but this situation just calls for it).

The whole pixel thing with a drab and dark-ish atmosphere made me think it was a horror game at first, but it actually has a cheerful vibe to it once you play it.

The alien theme reminds me of We Happy Restaurant. But in this restaurant, we don't cheat our customers and instead we do the opposite. We give them the time of their lives by giving them good food enough to make them hallucinate or experience a sensation like they do with dr*gs(never had those and never will btw, never do dr*gs kids)

Sound. 10/10.
The sound reminds me of that other pixel game I played which also has an alien theme to it. The Diary of a Space Janitor.

It gives a sort of nostalgic feel to it and an out-of-this-world quality to it too.

Gameplay. 10/10.
Love the mini games when you go and cook food for the customers. I am a Master Slicer/Chopper/Dicer yo! But I have to get the hang of that pan-tossing and...can I just skip the goop scooping, though, cause I am very bad at it haha.

Storyline. N/A.
But maaaaaaaan, how I wish I was born Japanese so I can enjoy these kinds of games. I really wanted to immerse myself on the story though.

Like, why were the food bad? What made you want to cook and make a restaurant? What is your goal?

Something like that. If you guys know if this gets translated to English, please hmu(i beg you). Otherwise, if you know places where this has a translation, lemme know too.

Value. 8/10.
Wow, for a game as good as this, I can't believe the price is so low for like an ad-free feature on this game. I usually don't put scores on value(given if this means how the game ranks in terms of worthiness whether to spend real money on it or not), but the price is just whoa! Even for a street rat like me.

And that's it! This is it for the arcade-y and introguing game of Catastrophe Restaurant.

Will continue to play this on my downtime and well, hopefully get to the bottom of the story of this or something.

Until next time![開心]
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