Teasing Master Takagi-san: Kyunkyun Records

Teasing Master Takagi-san: Kyunkyun Records

Teasing Master Takagi-san: Kyunkyun Records



ok finally i can try out this game...or rather i have alrdy tried it the game is similar to "guitar girl" that is if you played that game b4 like i am.

looks nice i always like seeing 60fs (that depend on what hp you using ofcourse im still using samsung 8 :) anyways ill give it 8/10 (i know i just played it like 5-10mins only...and besides no want have yet review bout this game i might aswell do it right)

I like...or rather love the bgm so catchy (that depends on your taste on the music hey i wont alright jeez) ill give a 7.5/10...not much to say for this but it is what it is.

Same point as i said ontop if you have ever played that game b4 this "takagi san" game (name too long...aint guno type it in :p )...Ill give 8/10


Value?Like as in how worth the game is or?Well whatever the cause is if you are fan of "skilled teased takagi-san" go ahead and try out this game should be worth of your time you liked it
ill give 10/10 mainly because it helps you to kill time if you are bored or something

Overall i think i would say i love this game but i wont be spending too much time on this game maybe...also rmb how i said this game is similar to "guitar girl" (yes you said 3 times alrdy jeez) i suggest you download auto clicker if you too lazy (wait why thought?) "why?" because this game involve clicking the screen like no tmr...you nvr played other games like cookie clicker?? (cant rmb)...gone case

Anyways jokes aside hope yall enjoyed the game while waiting for the movie to come out eventually (which i know i can just read the manga...well defeat the purpose of finding out what will happen...alright chill everone have their own preference on whether to read the manga or nah)...alright ill stop there anyways have a good day/night/even which ever timezone you at right now

p.s the storyline ill update if i feel like it

p.s.s takagi-san best girl??

p.s.s.s is this how you use the "p.s's" ok ill go now bye


you still here?!?

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thank you for making this game. although its not a very attractive or exciting game, i still love it, goodbye.

Kenan Rix


i love the game. but i can no longer get into to it, i can load as far as the the tap to start screen and can no longer play it. if anyone has a solution it would be helpful

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