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Csotka F


I wish it would have English.

the gameplay seens good even tho i barely understood anything.

the waifus are good. the music is good.

couldn't get past the tutorial because when it wants you to do the mandatory gacha it crashes with what google translate told me to "instable connection" on a gigabet connection...

i know global/english is pretty much hopeless but a man can dream.

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Eliot Xing


I cannot rate the story because it's in Japanese and i sux with it..... The gacha rate is nice although i'm not really into mix gacha where the Debugger(The girls), Demons, and Weapons inside 1 big gacha similar to Grindblue Farmtasy & Grindalia Loots..... Graphic looks great that i decide to download this game and the voice actress are top too~ But the downside of this game is that to play the story, you have to use required character(For the beginning, don't know about the mid to end game). The gameplay is your typical Tactical RPG but very nice Support Attack system like Fantasy War Tactics. Not to mention, animation when using ultimate skill, very good~



A bit boring to be honest.....

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