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Dear My Cat

Dear My Cat

Dear My Cat



A very calming and refreshing game. Oh, let's not forget chill.

If I just want to hang back and not be pressured from the demands of other games(log ins, events, keep friend list fresh, stuff like that) then this is my go-to.

I played this on my potato phone before and let me just say, it was dying. The graphics of this game is no joke apparently haha. Anyways, now that I have a new phone, this game plays smoothly and I can now play and judge it.

Graphics and Sound are very soothing and calming. I usually play this while I write. I can leave it there and let the music soothe me while I work.

Since this is an idle game, expect an idle game for your Gameplay. Storyline is okay, the stories of each cat is pretty unique and interesting.

My only hang-up for this game are the ads. Like if you don't play the ads, expect a very slow progress and a snail-paced development of your place.

But well, this game is not made for 'who have the biggest island faster wins' kind of thing anyway. The puzzle events to get special cats is a nice touch. But sometimes, despite the freedom this game gives, I sometimes feel trapped but I guess that's just me.

Anyways, since I kept this game for so long and managed to review it while it's still in my phone, it must mean that I really like it(despite the fact that I am not really a patient person and this game is a patience + long-term kind of game) and it's worth a try.

Spoiler ahead!

Actually, it's not a spoiler but let me just say that I have a theory these cats are dead and they're in cat heaven now. They all wishing for their owner to pick them up but I feel that ain't happening.

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As a cat person and someone who love virtual pets and causal games this game is gorgeous in every way like the accessories , the island music and many more... I really recommend it! [色色][開心]

Хорошая погода🤗 Поставили двойку😞 Перепрыгнул через лужу☺ Я Дед Инсайд💀 Взлетела котлета😋 Сломался гербарий😭 Хочу срочно какать👿 От радости😘

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