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Magical Atelier

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[EDIT: I downloaded this in PlayStore so it has English translations but I'm not sure with QooApp's app file]

This game is super cute and has so many customizations that I'm afraid I would get so lost in deciding what I would like to wear (also get lost in terms of sanity spent on the RNG system).

First off, the animation in this game is so bubbly and lively that it's just so amusing to see the characters move around! The chibi sprites are so cute, I love every little movements the MC does from crafting, interactions with NPCs, Players, and furnitures! And the character designs are so eye-catching. I also love the little album function in the game in some cutscenes and the animations too!

I appreciate the voice-acting done in this game! I find it a little funny how in the Villager Records, the characters are voiced in Korean but it's voiced in Japanese during the animation cutscenes.
The soundtracks are so relaxing and gives the vibe of a peaceful village. It sounds like a typical puzzle-kind of games that also includes home decoration system, although the game is never a puzzle game but more on the home-decor kind. Nevertheless, the comparison doesn't really affect what I feel about the soundtracks.

I liked how some of your choices (in Multiple Choices scenarios) affect the outcome of the story or at least the dialogue. I do agree the designs of the outfits are great but as always, the high-tiered items are much more stylish but it'll cause you half a year of luck to get one! The tutorials also offer good enough explanation to give you the ropes of the game's system.
There's also the Plaza with lots of fun stuff to do over there. There are some mini-games around there, you can also interact in objects and NPCs, and you can communicate with other players. It's one of those places where you can easily Follow high-leveled players in the game for some stages and what-not.

The storyline is simplistic but it explores a lot on the characters involved in the story and how one character is related to another! It's a nice little idea on how one place or person is related to numerous people.

Overall, I enjoyed the game save for my frustration over my luck. Something that slightly bothers me is the "lagging" of the game, like it pauses for random times before continuing after good 2 or 3 seconds. It might have been about my device's storage? But I'll just be adding this in my review in case someone has the same problems with an unlike reason as mine.

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no more lags after the recent update! i love cute games like this however i do not understand Korean. i wish they will release an english version otherwise i have to use the translator everytime i don't understand something _(√ ζ ε:)_



A very cute and interactive game. A magic world, which expand in different kind of elements. The in game money is Gold coins and Cash You can customise your own chibi character. The shop can be customise in your own way. - Gender neutral. - The clothing and furniture acquired via gacha. - Gacha use tickets, Gold coins and Cash. What kind of store? Its magic baby. - Your are in charge of a store that sells magical stuff. - You need to collect/buy the ingredients from the old man next door. - Or you can collect the ingredients from your adventures. - Level up your magic books to conjure item to be sell. - The items you made via magic will upgrade your affection with the character corresponding with the item. - EXP and Gold coins gather by doing task and selling stuff. - Cash acquired via special task. A cute and great live 2D animation and anime style episode. - All the characters are live 2D. [There will be a handsome, cute, old and sexy character that came (+to abuse their power....)] - The OP is in anime style. - The anime style ep came after or before doing the main task. - Cat.

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