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Love Pheromone : otome game

Love Pheromone : otome game

Love Pheromone : otome game

Pearl Sea


Plot: Standard. Tried putting in sexual elements to spice things up. Set in a generic royal theme, the strong villainess is the queen, the innocent,hates being in the spotlight, trusts the bi**h friend heroine is the true monarch. The mls help her unconditionally.

Xion is the cold outside, soft kink lover inside tsukudere.
The panther is a mellow guy, best character out of the lot. Turns out to be the hidden prince.
Kyle is good, helpful and a straight shooter, he speaks his mind gently.
Harley is the typical childhood friend.

The main problem is the amount of gems required. We get about 100 per day from logging in, 5x10 from ads.
Three outfits each worth 720 gems are required to reach the end. 2 Potions are mandatory to raise affection worth 400 gems. Good options need 50 to 150 gems. Plus we need items to raise affection.

Also the mc starts out strong but makes such bad choices midway like trusting the girl who hates her openly it's annoying.

Overall a nice game.

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This game actually good,but so many advertising to get diamond,story is good but sometimes awkward,the normal ending is just hhhmmmm..her majesty dies cuz she is cruel and she is the villain,kyle died too,loade is a prince what a surprise!! i love xion but his chemistry isn't good enough with fl,i expected they have more romance,i am still doing ending special with xion note:hope they also have voice chara i am curious about their voices



kyle should marry me..! its an easy game to farm by ads and daily stuff. i really like the storyline even if i dont read some of them 😭😭... this community isnt THAT big but its fine! hopefully when it gets popular in the future... lets hope it doesnt get toxic ykyk? seriously i love kyle hes hot and amazing and thats it bye

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