Mobile Legends: Adventure | Global

Mobile Legends: Adventure | Global

Mobile Legends: Adventure | Global



I hate games that give you a wishlist, then proceed to shower you with heroes NOT on that wishlist. I hate games that up the price for event summons (with NO guaranteed good hero in a 10x summon), make those event summons mandatory to progress and get event rewards, then give you 6 R heroes and 4 SR from a faction you don't even use. I hate games that have ridiculously crappy summon rates in general.

This game has all of that. The rates for SSR is abysmal, but when you do pull one it'll be something that wasn't on your wishlist and is utterly useless. Free to play will be stuck after the awards from the first week dry up.

They tried some gold rush event, but you need new players to enter your code and there just aren't enough new players doing this. Other events have you completing a checklist with tasks that disappear after 24 hours, so either use your gems to do that event summon or miss out on those rewards forever.

The only good thing about this game is the graphics. The ultimate animations are nice and there are a lot of skins you can buy (and some "free" ones). Everything else is painfully average and nothing you can't find in any other idle game out there.

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Игра затягивает, но заколебешься прокачивать персов



Один из не плохих, Idle проектов. Советую попробовать поиграть может затянет.

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