Disney Twisted Wonderland | English

Disney Twisted Wonderland | English

Disney Twisted Wonderland | English



O. M. G.

This is just the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest.

Usually, I don't get these kinds of games unless it's an otome but guys, this just made me realize something. I dont frecken care if this game isn't otome!

As long as I am surrounded by handsome and loveable ikemen both physical and personality-wise, I. AM. ON. BOARD this train even if it sends me to MOBAGE HELL!

Despite not being a mobile game where you fall in love and have an official harem here, you will still fall in love with the characters here and have your own unoffical harem here(at least in your head).

Not only that but you will also form deep bonds and meaningful friendships.

You will hate. You will laugh. You will cry. And you will laugh some more. But most of all, you will have a sore throat for either screaming how much you love the guys in the game or stop yourself from screaming and flailing in bed lest you wake your parents at night!

The graphics 10/10 and sound 10/10. Both are just....wow! WOW! Just...wow.

Why are they so shiny, shinnering splendid in my eyes?! Beautiful men in cards are already a killer but beautiful men in card who can TALK and MOVE in your home screen to talk about stuff? OMG!

I ADORE the effort they put in for every card with a different outfit, they have a different set of dialogue + VOICE LINES. How cool is that! I swear this is the only game I managed to play by letting them finish talking even though I finished reading the lines.

Also not that even though they are not reading all the dialogue in their dialogue boxes, it's fine since it's like other mobage and some voiced console games(RF series for example) where they shortcut what's said and what's on the texts. No biggie, no biggie.

Gameplay 10/10 epic!

The card battles from FGO + Rhythm game??? Oh ho ho, sign me up, please! This makes the game even more interesting and enjoyable.

As someone who plays a lot of rhythm games, I adore this game feature. Playing twist tunes while you wait for your energy to load is amazeballs. And no, the energy you need is not for reading the story, you can read em all with no charge at all(best thing ever), you need the energies to level up your cards for card battles in the story.

But no worries, charging of LP(energy) is surprisingly super fast!

Story 100/10

Lmao. I guess I got carried away. I soooooooo want to gush over the stories here. And even though I was only at chapter 2, I have GOT to make a review. My hands are itching to make a review to let all of this giddiness out of me.

At first I was worried cause, as I writer, I fear they will sometimes rush the stories and stuff. But oh my, oh my, they made the writer in me so happy! I just adore how the stories are, definitely they'll give you a rollercoaster experience, that is for sure!

Again, I sooooo wanna talk about the stories cause yes, they are that good.

But I shall refrain for I shall let you all explore and discover the wonderful and twistedness of this Twisted Wonderland.

Value. Again will leave this NA cause I is dirt poor :((

But lemme say that earning and saving for keys and dias are pretty sweet and easy.

Even though, I repeat, this is NOT an otome or a romance game. However, all the more reason for you to love everyone there right? RIGHT?! Hehehe.

Anyways, I am going to head back and play now. I can hear Headmage Crowley summoning his gopher--er me and Grimm.

Until next time!

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кроули прекрасный идеальный добрый очаровательный решительный ставь лайк если согласен



this game will be the end of you. it will consume everything on its way. you'll go bankrupt, you have to sell everything you possess. Lilia Vanrogue will come up to your bed at night to remind you of your sufferings . Jade Leech will shove down mushrooms down your throat. Jamil Viper will have you on a chokehold. Trey Clover can and will bake the most horrid pastries and force you to eat them ✨ with tea✨. Rook Hunt will follow you wherever you go to make sure that you'll stay in this deep hellhole and yOU CANNOT ESCAPE. Vil Schoenheit will poison you in your sleep because you're prettier than him and that you didn't snagged his Dorm Card. Leona Kingscholar will pounce on your for stepping on his tail because you didn't save up for his Fairy Gala. Riddle Rosehearts will insult you for being dumb and playing this game despite all the warnings you've seen. Idia Shroud will call you a normie for not spending at all on his Ghost Marriage. Malleus Draconia will simply laugh at your troubles because you're struggling to keep your sanity waiting for Book 7. Kalim Al-Asim will cry and blame you if you hate him because you're defying against the law. Azul Ashengrotto will force you to sign a contract that states that you're now a simp fof him and he would haunt all your pulls.

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