Star Girl Fashion: CocoPPa Play

Star Girl Fashion: CocoPPa Play

Star Girl Fashion: CocoPPa Play



Absolutely don't play this game I spent a lot on it and regret it , it's p2win definitely, cosuming your soul way worse than any gacha games or even ensemble stars

The lag is terrible , everything is outdated , it's always the same clubs getting the good stuff

It's impossible to rank even if you pay , everything is overpriced , the rng is rigged about everything

This game is legit a scam stay away from it people !

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Ну в общем кокоппа сожрала все мои монеты и билеты, шмотье попадается говяное, донатеры говнюки Сугороку больше нет, монетных гач слишком дохрена, разрабы ушлепки Классная игра, всем советую 😠😠😠

Alicia Marray


You must spend A LOT of money to get good rewards from events. I put in $30.00 a month and do not come close to "the good" event rewards. I'm saying people are putting hundreds to thousands of dollars in to buy these high end rewards ( because they can not be earned by playing free to play or by putting in less than $100 per day per event ) Also, they have this thing where they pick a "family"... They say they pick based on how much you play the game, BUT I have had two of my club members who were picked who barely play at all but they put in A LOT of money... I play on average 4-9 hours a night ( participating in events only to rank around 700-900 towards the end of them ) and have applied to be in this "family" & they have not chosen me. So clearly, how much money you give them is more of a factor than how much you play the game. Also, I have played this game for over a year now, and log in every day. There have been times I play this game for 14+ hours a day & I still have not earned/gotten a moving pose for my model & I am a subscriber. This game is HIGHLY based on addiction & having a lot of money to waste. A LOT of money.

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