Ensemble Stars!! Music | Japanese

Ensemble Stars!! Music | Japanese

Ensemble Stars!! Music | Japanese



Stay away from enstars once you start you never go back , you start to like things you never did before and become insane.

Your wallet will scream, your friends would call you insane and you'd loose the last braincells you have and thinking: eating is optional rIgHt???

These pretty boys are going to steal your soul and everything you own , doing rituals so they come home, using your parents credit card, doing contracts to demons, staying up at 4 am even though you have exams and school, whenever you have a break time you play enstars , you consume enstars and cry enstars especially for events.

You would be either f2p or a whale , once you start spending you will never stop.

Plus there's an anime so you won't escape it at all , the merch will also run to you like: PSPSPSPS BUY ME !

You have been warned.

You joined? Then welcome to enstars hell ! Let's cry together then (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

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мужики вы кто такие ворвались в мой дом без стука и начали вежливо петь



do not play this game. you will go bankrupt. you will become homeless. you will cry. these men WILL steal your wallet. being f2p is super hard, they will drink your tears. this game is scary, the characters walk on the ceiling, are satanists, have tragic backstories which will make u cry and suffer. this game will make you go insane. its been 4 years. help they kept me and many others in the basement. midori already took $20 from me. help. please. ok but stan ryuseitai you COWARDS 😤 (edit) also tw for sexual harassment, murder, homophobia, war, mass suicide, cults, child abuse, cannibalism, drugs, gambling, blackmail, bdsm, kidnapping, stalking, yanderes, alcoholism and more!

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