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Every Farm

Every Farm

Every Farm



Game closes because of a "security policy" within 5 seconds of opening the app

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Iys wroth the download because.. You start running a farm today that you inherited from your grandfather. - Sow, water, harvest crops, and sell on the market! - A relaxing game you get to enjoy a peaceful small-town lifestyle through the soft and colorful graphics! - Raise animals with the grain you harvested! You can also make other products with ingredients from animals. - Raise lovely animals, plant various seasonal crops, and run the farm in your own way. - Run a restaurant with your own crops!

ludin vonhanen


this game is an old game from Flero called Every town, as f2p the game is very good, you unlock most npc from quest except some from cash pack, you will need to do quest alot to progress so it a bit grindy at mid and late game,if you can buy premium item it will be faster.

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