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Cookie Run: Kingdom | Global

Cookie Run: Kingdom | Global

Cookie Run: Kingdom | Global



This game was recommended by a friend of mine since they're also playing.

However, when he invited me to play this...one or two years ago, my phone was so potato, it can barely load anything past the loading stage without spazzing.

Graphics are lovely <3

Adorable and very yummy-looking no joke, this game is making me want to munch on some cookies while playing. (then that doesn't bode well for my cookie peeps right? lmao [怪笑])

Sound is very cute and kingdom-y.

If there is one kind of melody or instrument or something that makes me think about a castle or a kingdom, it's the intro song of this game. But then again, this IS a cookie kingdom so it makes sense.

Gameplay is entertaining and unique.

This game is not at all your typical and plain jane kingdom building game. Making a cookie run + combat WHILE building your kingdom makes this kingdom-building more entertaining and enjoyable. Add in a gacha and you're all set for hours of fun.

That is, until your energy runs out lol. But then again, I think that is also a good thing to give yourself a break from gaming once in a while.

Storyline is very entertaining and I love it!

How the cookies interact with each other is very funny and I appreciate these small and extra stories each cookies has even while you're not in Adventure mode. Other than that, they have more stories along with their connections to other cookies in your cookie gallery. This makes you feel like you have a bond with them which is a very nice touch!


Note: I keep thinking that Value is about the ingame shop ever since I started reviewing games from here. If it is, then that's great! If not, then my bad. Let's just say that the Value here refers if the cost is worthy or not.

And since I am dirt poor, I skip the shop that costs real money so I don't know about this one.

Overall, this game is really very good!

The events here give you som awesome cookies to add to your growing Kingdom and I especially like how you can not only design your kingdom but have your cookies interact with the stuff there as well. It's very satisfying to see them up and about.

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