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Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Star Ocean: Anamnesis



reaaaalllllly need english localization
why japan whyyyyy

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Juako Queca


This used to be an amazing game that apparently has a team of absolute retards behind it. The global version ended up dying, the jp version is only playable on 64 bit devices, and they'll apparently keep on taking every wrong choice possible until they drive this game to the ground. Currently they've even changed the main way you'd farm stones for an absolutely terrible mode... My final verdict is it looks great, has gameplay that can be fun for a while, but it isn't worth shit because the devs will ultimately end up killing the game.

Ari Shatunovsky


damn good game, looks great but it's a gacha game so i have to take some points off also i miss the persona update

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