Blade II - The Return of Evil | English

Blade II - The Return of Evil | English

Blade II - The Return of Evil | English



Bonjour, j’ai un petit soucis le jeu reste coincé dans le menu principal, j’ai essayé de vider le cache et de fermer toutes les applications, mais rien ne marche. Est-ce que quelqu’un connait un moyen pour régler ce problème ça serait très gentil de sa part.

Hello, i have a problem with the game, my game stay stuck on the main screen when you launch the game, i have tried to clear the cache and close all the app on my device, but nothing work. Does someone know how to pass this problem, that will be very kind.

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it's a grinding no life game that requires your wallet to advance the maps. difficulty is really stupid. and where's the 2 character selection? not friendly to F2P at all. and it requires you to clear 1-10 to wear an accessory??? I'm done with this game unistalled. I rather stick with honkai impact. I'm surprised they don't have a release campaign bonus log in. not to mention the draw rates are crap just like any other Korean games

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why it says see you in global? means the cbt is over? wtf!!

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