Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds | Global

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds | Global

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds | Global



People are stupid and can't read "Pre download". Thinking their game is broken or the release is delayed. The only thing to worry about is this is going to have some NFT related schemes in it. Well, that and the fact that it's run by Netmarble.

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Nato Reyes


I think I have played long enough to not be a first impression anymore. I've reached lvl 50 with my main character. Is it worth trying? Short answer: it's the typical mmorpg that has auto with a zone-like maps and has weapons/armor, familiar and outfit as gacha. You can also craft weapons/armor/familiars. However, the game has nft which f2p can suffer because enhancing/crafting things needs that currency which takes a long time to grind. Playing it on manual isn't.... Satisfying. If you're fine with it then you should try it. Long answer that I made shorter: This game for me would not be so bad if: 1: If the manual is optimized. 2: If we don't "need" to play all characters(5) doing all the story and leveling all over again just to get the stuff needed like inventory space, territe increase. 3: If there's no territe needed for enhancing gear/familiars or craft gear since only global server has that one which they made as an nft making f2p having a harder time to enhance/progress further. 4: If the server is more stable. So far the thing that is adequate for me are: 1: Kingdom defense (defend the guild core against wave of ai enemies) 2: Lava Valley Team Arena (3v3 live pvp) Although, would've been better if everyone is on equal standing in terms of stats. 3: Familiar Adventure (A hex-based map where we deploy familiars to fight other ai familiars on auto for resources) Would've been better if deploying isn't so limited, needs tickets that refreshes daily to play.



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