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Jumputi Heroes

Jumputi Heroes

Jumputi Heroes

Young Yan


Please please please... add english language..
there will be help any player

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So in my opinion, its quite f2p in a way. Really good events catered to weebs and normies. To those that say that this game is p2w, you probably spent too much rubies on the wrong items or wrong banners. I really reccommend that you join the discord server to get the line group link because you can receive stamina (up to 100 per day). Great graphics and alot of creativity is put into the customization of each and every hero. Those units that appear in banners may sometimes be worser than the luck units so dont be worried if you dont get a strong hero from gacha. I also advise that you spend your rubies wisely and ONLY gacha when you REALLY want a character. If you dont use rubies wisely, you might have no chance in the next character that they announced abruptedly. (AHEMAHEM DIO) In order to successfully play this game, try to memorise some japanese: 記念: Special heroes that rarely come on banners ヒロ: normal heroes available in every gacha banner. マルチ:multiplay with others イベント:Events がちゃ: gacha チーム: Your guild/team 交換: exchange 決闘: Player vs player ミッション: missions キャラ強化: Character/unit enhancement キャラ覚醒: Character/unit evolution レジェンド強化: Enhancing artifacts that can help you during battles. キャラ限界突破: Limit breaking your characters gdluck :D



I does not work I try to loading the game and it does not work

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