KonoSuba: Fantastic Days! | Global

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days! | Global

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days! | Global

Milton Ventura


es un juego entretenido en el cual no tienes que invertir mucho tiempo, los personajes se ven bastante bien, el sistema de mejora es bastante amigable, la jugabilidad es sencilla es un juego que va en crecimiento y con mucho potencial

si eres fan de la franquicia este es tu juego

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[開心][開心][開心] KONOSUBAAAAA! [開心][開心][開心] KonoSuba is something that is really close to my heart and I can say one of my favorites when it comes to anime. But we're talking about the game right? So let's jump right into it fast. Intro song is quite catchy since it was sang by Machico but I can say that I like the season 2 OP more, "Tomorrow", than this one. Oh BTW, title for the game's OP song is "Happy Magic". As for the overall tunes on the game? It's quite nice. Alright! Menu! Overall style looks like priconne. I don't think they are trying to hide it anyway... I mean, if you've followed KonoSuba for a while you will know that they really get inspirations from existing games for their own. An example as well is Verdia of the Resurrection which is like a KonoSuba patch for a MegaMan game. Let me get this clear... nothing bad on this one. And we're now at the gameplay. As I've said for the overall style, it looks like priconne and also feels like one on the actual gameplay except that this feels like it has somekind of new style of JRPGs mixed into it. (Like Tales of Arise or FFVII) But how it was mixed? Enemies can just attack you relentlessly if you're not making attack selections and stuff to kill them. I know it's not 3D but attacks and skills on the games mentioned above also is like that. Also unlike priconne the characters on this one is on the right side kinda like reading a manga if you ask me. New quests, which are like the story stages on priconne, can be selected from down to top unlike the usual that is from top to down. Sasuga Japanese game. lol [開心] Now, is the whole game enjoyable? I'd say I had fun reading the story be it event or the actual one than playing the quest stages. I would really like to love the gameplay but I just can't get enough impact from it that's why I just do it for unlocking the story stuff. Oh! gacha also unlocks some of the story stuff as well which in return for reading (or skipping if that's how you want it) You can get some of your premium currency back (quartz). Overall I'd say it's enjoyable. Art of the new characters, character animations on gameplay that reminds me TinierMe animations, the animation transition, all of them are good! Just lacking the "oomph!" that I'm finding from it. But don't just believe my word, try it! [厲害]

Raccoon Ch


📌สำหรับเกมนี้ Konosuba แนวเทรินเบส อิงคาแร็กเตอร์จากอนิเมะจะว่าเป๊ะๆเลยก่อว่าได้ทั้งความเวอร์และเกรียนของตัวละคร คัดซีนเพลงที่สนุกจ้า ในที่สุดเซิฟโกลบอลก็มาแล้ว ภาษาอังกฤษครับ อันนี้เอารูปแบบเกมมาให้เพื่อนๆดูครับ _________________________ https://youtu.be/tXvlvhkn7QM

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