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Demigod Engine

Demigod Engine

Demigod Engine

Rie Ichinose


The game is super clunky, unoptimized and the fps is horrible, despite being able to play HI3rd fine, this game seems to need even more processing power.

the art style is good, I like the theme of the game, it's just sad that it runs on 10fps

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Demigod Engine Gameplay: https://youtu.be/z32jZkBV0fo



*The game looks amazing thats a point. *The gameplay seems like a mix of RTS. One of my favorite genre of game. *Cute and Beatiful Girls. BAD THINGS I SEE *This game came out without any news or ads. "Sussy game" *The Developer & publishers doesn't have any sites for players to go to (be it any country). I reverse image the photos that are presented and it can't find where were they orginated. I understand if it's on open beta test. We didn't have any pre-register. *The gameplay is stutterin. Low FPS. Need more optimization like I said up above seems like its still on OBT. note: If there's any official sites we can go to and check, what's this game has to offer contents furthermore . Tell us. Be more transparent to the players. Give links.

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