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never in my life ive been frusterated like i was with this gacha game. Abysmal drop rates....leveling characters so tiring and cumbersome. Getting fodders to promote star lvl of character is sucha chore. On top of that game eats battery like crazy..even on lowest settings. once you get stuck on a stage theres not much u can do. Atleast in afk games if u wait 2 or 3 days u get enough resources to upgrade ur characters n finally finish the stage where you were stuck before ..... also this game has no skip function or offline farming option. i ended up uninstalling this after playing it for 6 days...it frusterated the hell out of me



Well other than the atrocious drop rate for Legends, and the low drop rate for higher EXP fodder to lvl up your character's, along with the atrocious amount of gold that you have to spend to lvl up anything in general is pretty bad. Along with how to get the new skins that come out for certain character's. But other than those particular glaring problems for me personally, the game itself, overall is pretty good and decent. The story is a nice and pretty neat friend saves friend story dor the first half which is normal mode. Some on the Ritual battles can be annoying, and some of the characters already need a serious kit overhaul, design, or both. I really do like the game so far and have high hope that they will try to listen to their player bases and take the feedback into consideration. Other than all of that, its a pretty decent and nice F2p environment for the most part.

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