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Nói thật,game cũng có gọi là tiềm năng khi cốt truyện cũng như đồ hoạ ok, âm nhạc vs VA cũng đc đầu tư khá kĩ
chỉ có điều :
game vẫn còn rất nhiều lỗi dù đã ra khá lâu, thiết kế game đần,grind quá nhiều,một số tính năng cơ bản ko có, gói pack quá đắt so vs giá trị thực của nó
Nếu ko phải vì danh dự cho King's Raid thì đã chẳng quan tâm game này,có khi còn éo biết game này từ đâu ra,thật sự đội ngũ cần phải nỗ lực hơn nữa

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タイムディフェンダーズ | Time Defenders Gameplay: https://youtu.be/iBKHtJrZnvI



First of all game is not optimized and clunky. It's like unfinished game. I dont mind the ping because of overseas server but as i already played tons of games (pc and mobile), I'd say this game is "hard to play" or to enjoy at least for me I'm using emu bluestacks 32 (RTX 2070) and OnePlus 6T,so far "good" games are working smooth on both my devices such like Genshin,Honkai,PGR,Arknights that needs good phone/pc to run and I'm running with high-end setting for those games - Gameplay : I kinda like the TD gameplay but camera angle is lil bit weird,clicking the characters is way to laggy Idk why most of ppl got bugs but i never find any bugs so far - Sounds : I like characters VA but ingame sound is lil bit luckluster - Story : I don't understand Japanese - Graphics : Well this is OK i think similar to King's raid (same dev tho) Gacha : SSR 3% kinda high, 0.1734% each character and 0.4% for rate up. Have character and equipment gacha both have 300 pity. Idk in the future but the rate banner only last for 1 week. Fcking RIDICULOUS The mechanic ingame is kinda p2w,i didn't expect that from vespa. I just finished ch.2 using base characters but the system to reach endgame upgrade is to get dupes You can feel the power spike after ch.2 The resources is really limited in this game and makes the game kinda unbalanced Maybe it's still early game At least at Arknights i can clear annihilation 1 on day 1 and some story chapters Edit TLDR : So i decided to drop this game because as a TD game,this game require you a lot of grind to keep up and to make it worse equipment system. Means you cannot use low rarity characters to keep up the difficulty As the times go on you need full SSR team with their signature equipment to keep up the hardest difficulty. I mean come on DON'T make it like King's raid equipment system to a TOWER DEFENSE game If you enjoy the game then good luck. I have real life so i don't want to waste my time to a bad game that i can't enjoy If you think this still a good game (copium),just check other reviews (playstore,taptap,appstore)

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