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Palette Parade

Palette Parade

Palette Parade



아직 플에이를 많이 못해봤지만 1차적인 느낌 적어봅니다

-설치파일 작아서 다운로드 빠름
-게임 용량 작은편 (아직은..)
-일러퀄 상타
-게임플레이 단순, 자동 가능
-치비 귀여움
-ui 깔끔
-튜토 후 10연을 무한으로 돌릴 수 있어서 리세 쉬움
-가챠 확률 좋음, 4성 3개도 잘 나오는 편
-스토리는 일알못이라 판단 못함ㅠ
-이벤트 방식은 아직 미공개

-로딩/렉/튕김 심함

전반적으로 완성도는 높다고 생각합니다. 앙스타가 연상되는 부분이 좀 있긴 한데 좀 더 해봐야 정확하게 판단할 수 있을 것 같음. 재미는...솔직히 아직 모르겠어요. 귀여운 식물게임 뿐일지 나름 전략적이나 미연시적 요소가 또 있을지는 두고 봐야겠습니다.
현재 로딩/렉 문제가 해결이 안되서 많이 답답합니다. 빠른 시일 내로 개선이 안되면 유저들이 남아날지 걱정되긴 하네요..

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Sherrice jackson


App size is about 292MB. The download itself is quite fast. I spent the better part of two hours after the service started to reroll so I honestly can't remember how long the download took. I know it was under 10 minutes. Man I've been waiting on this game for a year and it's finally here. I can't say that this game is a fantastic game to play but I can say that it has great art and great voice actors. It plays a lot like A3 with the only difference being we are focusing on art rather than theater. It also has a gacha rate of 10% for a 4* (highest rarity) and it goes up to 15% if you do a 10roll. The game allows you to reroll the initial roll in the game (it's a 10roll that gives you a guaranteed 4*) as many times as you want. Anyway if you're okay with gameplay a lot like A3's and enjoy great art and CVs then you should check this game out.



The main story all full voiced. It is live 2d. We can move the chibis using our finger its so cute. It reminds me of Namu Amida Butsu but with the extra we can put chibis to do the activity we like. The story is interesting.

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