The Symphony of Dragon and Girls | SEA

The Symphony of Dragon and Girls | SEA

The Symphony of Dragon and Girls | SEA



IF you play this game (for obv reasons), do us all a favor and do not financially support the dev/publisher. I have seen this sht at least thrice (incl. a h-ver) and never the dev attempted to improve it in any way. Still abysmal power curve, disproportionate resource with no respect system, idiotic hero designs (like healer that will only heal highest atk unit, even it's full hp, or tank with a dps kit!), three separate currencies to used for summon (gem is universal but it's rewarded extremely pitiful thru playing) and a general lack of storyline plus many QoL features make up an 'idle' game.

7sins X-tasy is out, it has plot + "plots" (find 18+ apk on their web), and shit tons of freebies. Go play that sht.

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Great Idle game in english. Easy to do all the missions without wasting much time. [開心]😎



I wish I had found rhis earlier, it's in English and uncensored, the only problem is that I can't top up, but it should be free to play friendly enough. Time to start over again, played for months on English and Japanese servers

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