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Honestly the graphics aren't so good but the gameplay is nice i haven't been playing it for long but as a fan of the anime and the original game(? ) i honestly fully recommended it like its amazingly cute it glitches a little at the begging but it is totally worth it and its not a pay to win game wich is amazing [不滿]



This is an online game for the RPG game / Anime called Angel of Death. It's a cute cafe game but gets boring quickly. In-game characters are cute but resolutions in some areas are a little low. The game is also a little laggy too. Additionally, there doesn't seem to be much to do in the game, especially since I can't read Japanese. Home screen features your (customizable using gacha items) cafe, along with your avatar, an AOD character and a random player. Players can review quests, giftbox and their post. You can also click on "!" icon (if any) that leads you to another player's cafe. I think you can message other players, but the tutorial did not explain it clearly. You can also customize your character using clothes from the gacha. There is also a Kitchen where dishes are cooked (select food to cook and leave until timer is done) and a Cafe area for you to serve your cooked dishes, which I'm guessing is the main objective of the game. Since all you have to do is to tap on your food to serve, it gets boring quickly. Gacha Rates: 5☆: 2% 4☆: 5% 3☆: 10% 2☆: 83% 1☆: 0% Overall, this game has cute graphics and character designs but gets boring quickly. I recommend playing the actual RPG horror game _(°ω°」 ∠)

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