Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY | English

Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY | English

Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY | English

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Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY Gameplay English:

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One of the only games which has an interesting enough story for me to bother reading (trust me it's very good). Gameplay is pretty boring (I rated it 2 smiley faces lmao), but graphics and art are good. Also, Lucifer is my favorite character. Hoping to get her in gacha soon. Who is your favorite character? Tell me in the comments [厲害]



Hmm good one, many prizes for newcomer. Graphics is good, L2D illust obviously, battle character is 3d looks like Overlord: Mass for the dead. Pretty nice to see. Sound is good, the character has many lines. The music ...pretty good for my taste. Gameplay turn-based, attacking animation really good not just simple movements but they go all out. Storyline i recommend to watch the anime first since the story takes after... that... i don't want to spoiler just watch the anime first though if you want to read the story. Value ...really good imo ofcourse the anime rated R+ but this game is global means all people can play so don't expect some [REDACTED] ,well... they still have *boing-boing* tho LMAO. Overral 8/10 edit: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) version

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