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Michael Ishibashi


This is a super cute and easy to use avatar / character creator! There's a decent amount of options for your character's eyes, hair, and accessories! And you're even able to make simple backgrounds, add photo stickers and filters, and you can even some freedom in adjusting where the eyes, nose, mouth, and accessories go. The overall design and UI is easy to use and is filled with cute colors and style. Not to mention the background music, which I can again only describe as cute! It really gets you in the mood to make your original character! And as mentioned before, you have quite a few options when it comes to designing your character. You can purchase new outfits, backgrounds, and character models in the store, for relatively cheap. And as much as I always want more clothing options, there are still plenty of fun ones to use that are free! Give this a try if you want to make a cute custom avatar or just have fun decorating your own anime character!



Приятно что можно открыть все за рекламу и не обязательно платить_(:3 」∠ )_ It's nice that you can open everything for advertising and not necessarily pay

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