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Красивая игра с необычным геймплеем, интересным сюжетом ну и восхитительной музыкой, конечно. Советую тем, кто хочет от ритм игр чего-то необычного и веселого, а Ланота именно веселая, особенно на больших сложностях~

Stale Bread


this is Wacca but for ur phone lmao also why tf do i succ at these flicks and unlocking stasis master. But in all seriousness, this is a pretty unique rhythm game that introduces a circle with a judgement line at the edge of it and can also spin around the play area to make the chart more challenging and fit in with the music. but seriously tho why am i so bad at the flicks dude like bro i suffer in You are the Miserable [大哭]

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